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I Love Giveaway Seindahcerita By Nieyl

Whatever Happened To Richard O’Sullivan?

3700 – Lockwood Tobacco Beer & Grocery was a Li’l Normal Meals Store from the late 60’s to the mid-to-late eighty’s, Previous to that, it was Chaney’s Grocery in the mid 50’s, Noel’s Grocery from the mid-to-late 50’s to early-to-mid 60’s and Three Suns Grocery from the mid-to-late 60’s.

Barth’s Pure Meals Retailer replaced Saunders Grocery in this constructing from about 1930 to 1953, though at 141 Ringling, it may have been in the spot of the constructing that became 1941 Ringling during the Sarasota road naming and numbering change that occurred around May 1953.

6494 – This was a Shell Service Station (Stickney Level Shell, Colonial Shell after which South Key Shell) at the northeast corner of the So. Tamiami Tr. and Stickney Level Rd. intersection from about 1969 until shortly before being torn down in 2005 to make means from condominium and retail improvement.

From early 1997 into the early-to-mid 00’s, it was Higher Bagels after which Sushi Uncooked Bar by the mid 00’s. It then grew to become The Wallpaper Retailer and later Stereorama from 1988 and thru s movie list hindi the 90’s. It then turned Suncoast Inn till the late ninety’s and Quayside Inn until the building was torn down in 2005.

The store was truly acquired by Kane’s within the late 70’s, however operated under the Savon identify until after the unaffiliated Kane’s Furniture in Sarasota changed to Kalin’s in 2013. 4401 – Swift Auto Repair opened in February 1955 as Swift Street Service Station promoting Customary Oil products and continued till the 70’s when it became Wilson American (later Amoco).

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