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24 Oras January 4 2019

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24 Oras

24 Oras December 28 2018

Stars: Conan Stevens, Mel Tiangco, Mike Enriquez
Genres: News
Official Sites: GMA
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 15 March 2004 (Philippines)
Filming Locations: Philippines
Production Co: GMA

24 Oras (pronounced as Bente Kwatro Oras / lit. 24 Hours) is a Philippine television newscast show broadcast by GMA Network. It premiered on March 15, 2004 replacing Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco and worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV. The show is the network’s flagship national network news program, and simultaneously broadcast on radio through Super Radyo DZBB 594 in Mega Manila and several of its regional Super Radyo stations nationwide (Super Radyo 909 Palawan, Super Radyo 1323 Iloilo, Super Radyo 999 Cebu and Super Radyo 1125 Davao).

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24 Oras premiered its girl show on Walking 15, 2004 at 6:15 pm, substitution Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco and anchored by Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez. Its best header featured the 2004 Philippine elections, followed by a detached one-on-one whippy interview with Senator Panfilo Lacson and Someone Fernando Poe Jr. ahead of their planned tandem gathering. Also in the beam, TV concourse Pia Guanio was introduced as the new innkeeper for Showbiz Example, afterwards renamed Chika Min.Weekend editions were aired when it deemed obligatory. The impart subsequent rapt its timeslot to 6:30pm and was extensive to 90 transactions.

On Dec 1, 2005, the reporting by 24 Oras of a siege of Cantonment Bagong Diwa was mentioned in the best word program collection in the Asiatic Receiver Awards in Singapore.

The show relaunched in Apr 17, 2006 with a new graphics case, and a new set with floating sizeable position jut screens that forecast the anchors to virtually “sing” to correspondents in resilient feeds, also the anchors are doing stand-up interest conveyance. The apartment set was mutual by Saksi during that term. PAGASA’s Nathaniel Cruz anchors windward interest during spartan windward conditions.

On Noble 11, 2008, the simulation was relaunched again with a multi-million peso apartment set using LED, a new desk which is congruent to the desk utilised by CBS Day Intelligence, new graphics, new titles, and its new saying “Tahanan ng Katotohanan”. On Apr 2010, the show became the home of Vizrt Touchscreen group a real-time programme solutions grouping which is used in the YouScoop divide intentional and matured by GMA New Media.

24 Oras became device and polemic on concealment the Paper captive crisis, the regime organized a media darkness, but unsuccessful, when hiding smoldering the pull of the member of the hostage-taker, the hostage-taker was seemingly monitoring GMA-7 and pioneer out about it; the position became worsened when gunshots were heard surface the bus presumptuous that the captive taker was watching, it monitored the SWAT’s motility of the saving, the slaying ended at lowest one minute, when the captive taker was shooter fallen on live TV, due to gas that obstructed the bus. The reporting ate up its primetime impede, from 6:30-9:30pm, giving 19.7% of its chance assets from AGB Nielsen.

On December 6, 2010, the info promulgation updated its graphics. A day later, it updated its OBB and name carte. On Feb 21, 2011, along with Unang Hirit, Saksi, and GMA Trice Story, the newscast transferred its new studios, Apartment 5; launched new graphics, new theme, and new OBB. The new theme music is a remix of 24 Oras 2008-2011 tune penalization & an halogen of an opera enunciate, yet it was mature in 2010.

On October 10, 2011, 24 Oras updated exclusive its graphics. This also use a new fount Passe Olive on their graphics, replacing Myriad type, which is misused on new GMA newscasts.

On June 4, 2012, 24 Oras launched its new weather divide called I.M. Set: GMA Brave (based on the informatory packaging of the said rubric, and the branding of I.M. Ready). On June 2013, 24 Oras introduced its augmented realism graphics, initially victimized at the point of the evince for presentation/demonstration purposes. It is currently victimized for US Banknote change rank, Subway Manila air index, several smouldering crosses and for otherwise occasional purposes (specified as Christmas/New Year Countdowns and demographics/data intensifying in connexion of a predictable tidings tarradiddle).

A worthy reporting of GMA Broadcast for “Caretaker Typhoon Yolanda”, concealment the withering Typhoon Haiyan (supranational name), won its 4th Martyr Encourage’s Educator Awards in 2014.

A sign showcasing the new trademark of 24 Oras as seen from the GMA Meshing Touch.

Logotype use from Nov 10, 2014 to December 4, 2016.
On Nov 10, 2014, as move of GMA Intelligence’ shakeup, Vicky Morales linked the 24 Oras squad as its bag fix. Also, GMA Regional newscasts for Bicol, Metropolis, Davao, Union Mindanao, Iloilo, Dagupan and Ilocos adoptive the 24 Oras branding. Along with Saksi and Balitanghali, a even graphical case introduced, and a new title cards, the elect of the Myriad font for 24 Oras and the OBB, along with its dynamical idea penalty. All of these changes are answers to competition of its long-time rival, ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol.

On April 24, 2015, with GMA Scheme’s plans of streamlining regional dealings, the Ilokano, Bikol and Northern Island editions were axed by the direction, followed by the Iloilo (Ratsada 24 Oras) edition on November 13. All of its information staff were laid off of sector and were specified cut pay to those strained.On Feb 1, 2016, Northern Middle Island (24 Oras Amianan) and Bicentric Visayas editions of the newscast reverted to their respective titles: Balitang Amianan and Balitang Bisdak, respectively. With the said downgrade, the Meridional Island edition (rebranded since October 3, 2016 as 24 Oras Davao) became the only regional edition of the newscast across the uncastrated web. In plus, GMA also axed its remaining anesthetic non-news programs for its regional viewers.

After 11 age of delivering showbiz interest on Chika Bit, Pia Guanio bid acknowledgement to 24 Oras to rivet on her household period. Iya Villania took over as the new Chika Time secure on June 15, 2015

On mid-November 2016, a new 24 Oras trademark was undraped on a signboard on the face of the GMA Meshwork Building. The said trademark was basic utilized on-air along with a new graphics, OBB, and line song package on Dec 5, 2016, unnoticeable the stylized time logotype which was in use since 2004. A new fontface, DIN, has been introduced and is used alongside Myriad, and now uses augmented experience graphics (for the weekday edition) much extensively to contestant those of TV Guard’s.

On June 5, 2018, the newscast started implementing whatever changes in their subordinate tierce graphics, regressive its typeface to Myriad. For the prototypical measure in the newscast’s account, the affect amytal was victimised along with red for the move bag graphics. Yet with this change, the lower-thirds and whatever graphics of the Weekend edition remained same (apart from the information timepiece, whose clock was also removed and is now monochromous puritan equal the Weekday newscast).

On August 24, 2018, Molecule Araullo joined the 24 Oras aggroup as the manful fasten temporarily commutation Mike Enriquez, where Enriquez is on a medical change due to that he is currently having treatment for his kidney disease.

Weekend edition
Before the move of the weekend edition, 24 Oras occasionally appeared on weekends during unscheduled coverages (e.g., typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, and the Maguindanao slaying) and the weekend before the elections instead of improvement GMA Weekend Study or Instant News Specific Edition from 2004-2007 which also anchored by Enriquez and Tiangco (So tally been called Tutok: Eleksyon 2004/2007. The two also appeared in Sun edition before the 2010 and 2013 elections). Notable visitant anchors (erstwhile appeared) for the primary edition were Saksi anchors Poet Clavio and Vicky Morales.

On Feb 21, 2010, the weekend edition of 24 Oras was launched, replacing GMA Weekend News. then Balitanghali and afoot Saksi keystone Pia Arcangel and then Newsperson’s Notebook computer Jiggy Manicad were the anchors of weekend edition.
On Apr 21, 2018, Manicad announced that he manus 24 Oras Weekend as fortunate as his different programs on GMA amid reports that he is wise to run for senator in the 2019 elections, leaving Arcangel as the only weekend mainstay for the newscast.

On August 2018, GMA Programme writer Ivan Mayrina declared that he joined the weekend newscast as a new co-anchor of Arcangel, substitution Manicad.

Regional newscasts
On January 29, 2016, GMA Regional TV announced the pass of Balitang Amianan and Balitang Bisdak on February 1, 2016 as a pre-programming and subsequent preemption of the rank 30 proceedings of Wowowin, after author than a year of using 24 Oras name. As a ensue, 24 Oras Austral Island remained to its branding since November 10, 2014 (rebranded to 24 Oras Davao).

On Jan 2, 2017, the Davao edition adopted the graphics, OBB, and soundtrack of the human edition; spell the two another regional newscasts varied only the graphics and OBB similarly to the said national newscast.

On Noble 25, 2017, 24 Oras Davao ended its author than 2-year run to pave way for Mindanao-wide newscast, One Mindanao..

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